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It’s all about Kids Activities

SHARE: Help friends, family and other parents

Ideas from parents for parents

Give your friends, close family and other parents ideas for things to do for their children.
DISCOVER: Yuggler is your mobile source

Things to do for kids and families

Browse candid ideas, reviews, opinions, and photos about activities and happenings for great family fun – all by families like yours.
Access to hard to find local information
PLAN: Access to hard to find local information

Know what other families know

Research ideas, considering reviews, tips and photos provided by other families, just like yours.
INFORM: Make your family activities findable
INFORM: Make your family activities known

Places for kids activities

All family friendly businesses are welcome! Yuggler is also the platform for blogs, websites and forums to promote their suggestions.

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People behind Yuggler

We focus on simplifying personal family life and make experiences accessible.
Well, not exactly true. We also enjoy family fun!


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