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Are Your Kids Theatrical? Try a Performing Arts Class This Week

Do your kids love performing for an audience and dream of being on the stage? We have plenty of listings of fun performing arts classes near you for them to get started! Discover them now by searching for #theater, #acting, #performingart, #dance, #music,...
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All The World’s a Stage – Let’s Try Acting!

Who doesn’t love pretending to be someone else and performing on stage? Introduce your kids to the theater this year with fun things to do that inspire their dramatic and creative side. Try acting classes, winter drama camps, or go see a musical...
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Shows for Kids

  Theater, Musicals, Puppet Shows, and More! Looking for something to entertain the kids and spark their imagination? There are so many shows to choose from, including movies, musicals, plays, and live concerts! If you need inspiration for your...
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Class Activities for Kids

Music, Sports, Arts & Crafts and So Much More! Are your kids looking to learn something new, make friends, and stay active outside of school? There are tons of classes and programs offered year round for them to choose from! Need some inspiration?...
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Camp Activities for Kids

Summer Camps, School Break Camps, Campgrounds & More! When the kids are out of school and the boredom starts to set in, camps are a great way to keep them occupied. They can make new friends, learn new skills, and have tons of fun! Need some ideas...
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Birthday Party Activities for Kids

  Bowling, Themed Parties, Bounce Houses, and More! Every year there’s always the question of what to do for your child’s birthday party? The balloons, the cake, the venue, the presents, there are so many things to think about! Need some...
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