Do you sell my data?

Do you sell my data?

No, absolutely not!

We collect your information in your profile to enable the best user experience in Yuggler.

Your email, Facebook or Twitter ID is necessary to ensure that you are a real person. Yuggler enables parents to collaborate and contribute. Therefore, we decided to collect the minimum amount of information for the digital identity of each user.

Your home address enables you to navigate easily back and forth between your current location and your home. When you are on the go, you can very quickly jump back and forth between your current location and your home to see what is happening in your neighborhood.

Your area of interest in the Notification Settings enables highly targeted info updates via push notifications.

We will use your email address to share inspiring ideas with you via our “How About” eNewsletter. You can manage your subscription to this online and unsubscribe any time.

None of this data is ever shared with third parties.