How can I best find activities near my current location?

How can I best find activities near my current location?

The fastest way to find family fun and kids activities near your current location is to open the App and view the “Near Me” screen.

Within “Near Me”, parents can view family activities in the form of a map or a list.

Please update your profile under “More” to set your home address, so search results are relevant and driving instructions are as accurate as possible. Also, this will enable you to easily navigate between your current location, your home area, and future target destinations on all the screens.

If you would like to filter by specific criteria, you can use the built in filter or navigate to the “Search” screen, where you can use even more criteria as well as hashtags to narrow down your search.

Discover Kids Activities in Seconds!

Also, we have created a Calendar of Kids Activities, that enables parents to find inspiring ideas based on the most relevant and trending things to do for children throughout the year in your local neighborhood.

Also, our Parents’ Guide to Family Fun provides an overview of over 500 different categories of things to do for kids.

Another great source is our best of lists on Pinterest, that provide collections of some amazing family activities for various categories.