How can I import a family activity from Facebook?

How can I import a family activity from Facebook?

Whenever a kids activity has a Facebook page, we provide the ability to set up this activity in Yuggler within seconds.

If you are at the place, open the ‘Add Activity’ screen and click on the ‘Link to / Import from Facebook’ button. Possible places and pages are listed. Pick the one that is the closest/official page and import the data into Yuggler.

Name, description, location, email, web page and phone number details are all imported automatically.

Once that step is completed, continue to set the other information, such as time, age, gender, duration, cost, weather and season.

Also, add photos while you are there to help other parents and then store the activity.

If you are not currently at the location of the activity, you can search for places by entering the name of the activity and its location, and then click the ‘Link to / Import from Facebook’ button and continue as described above.

Whenever a place is imported from Facebook, a link is established that enables users to open up the Facebook page of the activity directly from the activity detail screen in Yuggler.