How does Yuggler make money?

How does Yuggler make money?

Yuggler was created by parents, for parents, with the mission of maximizing family fun and simplifying the busy and hectic lives of parents.

Access to permanent and seasonal activities for kids is provided for free if users contribute content, invite friends and family to join, or help spread the word about Yuggler.

If your time is limited, then you can opt for an annual, auto-renewable subscription fee of your choice to also gain access to all activities.

For organizing family activities, we have developed three key features that you can purchase via annual, auto-renewable subscriptions directly in Yuggler:

  1. Remember things to do that you plan to do with your kids in the future via Bookmarks
  2. Categorize your best kids activities via Favorites
  3. Remind yourself, so you never miss the action, with Reminders

You can activate these features also by contributing content to Yuggler or spreading the word about Yuggler.

Access to manually curated, local events is enabled via a monthly, auto-renewable subscription.

Every cent earned from these paid subscriptions will be used to pay our content curators and local fun experts, to continue providing users with the activities they are looking for based on the preferences set in their profiles.

We also earn commission on all deals that you purchase via our App.

Yuggler’s start was self-funded, however we are always looking for willing sponsors to help us continue our mission.

If you would be interested in becoming a sponsor for Yuggler, and helping us expand our community to bring even more parents the opportunity to stay active with their kids, please contact us via the App or send us an email to