What’s new in Version 3.2.0 – Faster and easier discovery of kids activities

Christmas has come early here at Yuggler with our gift to you! With our newest version of the App, we have further simplified the hunt for the coolest and freshest things to do for children. Version 3.2.0 makes your life even easier in helping beat boredom once and for all.

Parents, grandparents and caregivers: meet our built-in feature for the most popular ideas for family fun. Search and filtering now displays up to fifteen most popular categories based on the time of the year, allowing for even faster discovery of kids activities.

We have also incorporated additional intelligence into the display of the activity details to now show nearby or similar kids activities, enabling you to plan a couple of hours, a fun afternoon, or a whole trip.

The entire screen for displaying activity details is now much better structured, better looking and easier to navigate, which should make your research for the best kids activities even more effective.

We are also excited to announce that we are finally independent from Yuggler now possesses our own backend, all hosted in Amazon Web Services. This was a big change, which kept us very busy over the last couple of months.

Stay tuned for even more improvements and updates to come.

Enjoy! Happy Yuggling!