Get recommendations for fun kids activities from friends and family

Wish you could discover new destinations for family fun from your friends and neighbors?

Take the Yuggler Challenge! Enter 3 new activities, then invite 5 Facebook or email friends to join Yuggler with one click! We promise: You’ll get at least 1 great idea (if not 10!) that you’ve never thought of and that your kids will love!


Get at least 1 great idea (if not 10 or more!) from friends & family!

Yuggler activity ideas come from parents- not advertisers!

Take the Yuggler Challenge now, and help your friends and neighbors discover new ideas for family fun! Ready to add your family’s favorite activities to Yuggler? To add a new activity idea, simply click the idea -symbol on the map or list view and enter it! Here’s a tip: Add activities super fast with Facebook in less than 1 minute!

Want more info about adding activities? Just visit our FAQs or our content guidelines for hints and tips.

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Exercise 3: Get ideas from friends

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More Tips & Tricks

1.) Introduction to the 3 ways parents can search and browse things to do for kids on Yuggler

2.) YOU ARE HERE: Get recommendations for fun kids activities from friends and family

3.) Stay updated in real-time on new kids activities in your local neighborhood

4.) Collaborate with friends and families on fun ideas for kids activities

5.) Get insights on kids activities from friends or build your To-Do / Best-of Lists

6.) Influence the future of Yuggler by sharing your opinion and feedback with us