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About Yuggler


Yuggler enables the discovery of fresh ideas for kids activities in seconds – anytime, anywhere – with the largest, award-winning mobile resource of things to do for kids. Bringing you everything that kids love, Yuggler revolutionizes DISCOVERING, PLANNING, and ENJOYING kids activities! Parents can even save up to 70% on hand-selected deals. As featured at the International CES 2015 (Best App for Parents in the Mobile Apps Showdown), parents, grandparents, and caregivers recognize Yuggler as the go-to community for an active, fun family life.

Official App Store Description

Yuggler, a Parents’ Choice Approved Award winner and Webby Awards Honoree.

Discover kids activities in seconds – anytime, anywhere – with the largest, mobile resource of things to do for kids.

Bringing you everything that kids love, Yuggler revolutionizes the way parents, grandparents, and caregivers discover, organize and plan kids activities and fun places for children!


DISCOVER family-friendly activities and events for children of all ages, including infants and toddlers, while browsing thousands of things to do for kids in your local neighborhood or at your travel destination.

RESEARCH best of lists and self-constructed top charts to discover the most popular places and things to do near your current location or your future travel destination.

PLAN your family fun based on first-hand experiences, tips, and photos from other parents – moms & dads just like you.

ORGANIZE fun places and things to do for kids with bookmarks (to do for the future), favorites (your past experiences that you would like to repeat) and reminders. Yuggler makes planning easy for the next family fun weekend or even a full itinerary for the next trip or vacation.

COLLABORATE with friends & family on activities and collect insights from people you trust the most. Interact directly with others via social media and messaging to discuss and share activities, or set up the next play date at the museum, zoo or playground.

Get INSPIRED by our weekly or monthly campaigns featuring the best, most trending kids activities for the time of the year, via our website’s Calendar blog or our “How About?”/ “Hello Month” campaigns.

SEARCH for the most fun places and most relevant kids activities to fit your requirements via the App’s most comprehensive and highly refined search capability for family activities. Search for kids activities by specific criteria, such as age, gender, duration, season, weather, cost, location, range, time, type, category and more – Yuggler offers the most data points (over 100) for every kid activity.

NEVER MISS THE ACTION with user-configured notifications. Get notified about new kids activities based on your personal preferences for location, type, and age-group to stay informed about what’s happening in your local neighborhood.

SAVE MONEY by finding the best deals for your favorite kids activities or things to do near you based on manually curated deals.

SHARE new ideas, tips, and photos for things to do for kids with friends, family and other parents to simplify their own searches for kids activities. Yuggler prides itself on being a community of families helping other families, so join right in!

For providers of kids activities: INFORM parents about your own family-friendly business and the kids activities you offer for FREE and make yourself known! We are all about equal opportunity, and even the smallest provider has a chance to be found in Yuggler.

So where does the name Yuggler come from, you ask? Youngster + Juggler = Yuggler!

Parents are constantly juggling hundreds of things in their kids’ lives, and with Yuggler you will have a vast resource at your fingertips to help you out!

The best part is that moms, dads, grandparents, caregivers and even children, get to enjoy these amazing features for free. Sign up today to discover kids activities in seconds – anytime, anywhere.


As a father myself, I was frustrated with the limited and often redundant amount of information that is accessible for parents, grandparents, and caregivers to find local kids activities on the go. Everything required hours of research or web searches. There was no easy mobile method to find the fun and interesting family activities nearby that I was looking for.

My wife and I relocated several times with our son (from New York, to Zurich, to Vienna, back to New Jersey), and with each move we would again face the struggle of finding activities to do with our son as we acclimated to our new environment. Wanting simply to spend every second of free time having fun as a family, we found instead that we were spending a lot of time just trying to find new things to do in our area.

Other friends and family members also lamented the lack of a resource for families, so I set out to find a solution. I reached out to my brother in 2013 and invited him to join me on a journey to build a mobile App that would massively simplify parents’ lives by providing them with the freshest ideas for kids activities in seconds – whenever and wherever they need them.

The result is Yuggler.

More than two years later, we are the most popular App in the Lifestyle/Family category of the App Store, have won awards such as the Parents’ Choice Approved Award, and have satisfied over 60,000 parents with the freshest and coolest ideas. The App has the largest user-base in the New York Metropolitan area, offering over 30,000 manually curated kids activities and 19,000 active deals. Our proprietary, semi-automated approach enables us to capture, curate, and manage the content, helping us bring the latest ideas for kids activities to parents on a daily basis. Besides simplifying the search for things to do for children, Yuggler also enables parents to organize these ideas via bookmarks, favorites, and reminders. Additionally, customized notifications ensure that nobody ever misses the action in their local neighborhood, especially for the activities they love the most.


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Thomas Bodenski

For the last 21 years, Thomas has built his career focused on simplifying work and personal life through the use of technology and data. Thomas is an established entrepreneur who has assembled and operated business units as well as entire companies (mainly in the financial industry) in the past. At the current moment, he is invested in two unique firms: Yuggler and Element22 (specializes in unlocking the power of data). Thomas, who is based out of New York, is married and is a proud father to his 9-year-old son. He loves sports – especially soccer, skiing, and snowboarding. When he is not working to make other people’s lives easier, Thomas spends every free minute enjoying his time with his family, often outdoors. Their favorite places include the Alps, Central Park in New York, Croatia or beaches on the Jersey Shore.

Stefan Bodenski

Over a span of more than 11 years, Stefan has focused on efficient and effective content management, mainly within the financial industry and public sectors. With his knowledge about technology, as well as his insight into the power of data and content, Stefan enabled Yuggler to reach a whole new level. Besides Yuggler, Stefan oversees REEA Switzerland – a one-stop shop for technology solutions that has contributed work to businesses such as Expedia, SeatGuru and Sports Illustrated, to name a few. While Stefan does not yet have children of his own, he thoroughly enjoys being an uncle. Whenever Stefan is not working to build the best and most innovative mobile solutions, he enjoys being out in the beautiful nature of Switzerland.



Yuggler in the Press

Press Releases

Named the “Best App for Parents” at CES 2015, Yuggler is Going FREE!

NEW YORK – May 20, 2015 Today, Yuggler announces – in an effort activate family life by simplifying the discovery of fresh ideas for kids activities – that it’s award-winning App for defeating family boredom in seconds will be FREE – now and forever.

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