Never miss new kids activities and events in your local neighborhood again

By now you know how to discover new ideas for kids activities in Yuggler. But how can you make sure that you never miss anything?

What if you want to simply be informed when new things are happening in your neighborhood? Today, we are going to introduce you to Yuggler’s real-time, user-configurable notifications to do just that!

How do real-time notifications work in Yuggler?

You will receive alerts in the Notification Center and within Notifications in the App itself according to your notification preferences. For example, you can get notified automatically by Yuggler whenever a new activity is added in your area of interest.


View my Notifications in Yuggler

Attention: This button only works when clicked on iPhone, iPad or iPod!

How do I activate and configure notifications in Yuggler?

Please note that push notifications will only work when you enable your iOS device to allow push notifications. You can do that via your iPhone/iPad Settings App within Notifications.

Within Yuggler, under “More” > “Notification Settings”, you can customize what notifications you are most interested in. For best results, provide your home location to get the notifications nearest you.


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