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Read the following reviews and feedback from parents and family experts to learn about their experiences, how they used Yuggler to share and discover new activities for kids and families, and how you can too!

Smart Apps for Kids says:

“Yuggler has a lot of potential as an App to locate activities for kids in a variety of categories. The interface is smooth, it’s visually appealing, and it’s completely FREE, even currently without ads!”

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Fun Educational Apps says:

“Since there are social media sites that will help you adopt a pet, find a nanny, or locate a good restaurant, why isn’t there a site that will help parents find really good, worthwhile activities in their area that come recommended by other parents? Actually, there is- it’s call Yuggler.”

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The iPhone Mom says:

“There are four words every parent does not like to hear: “There’s nothing to do!” Whether it be during these last few weeks of summer vacation, on a break from school or on vacation, these four words bring dread into the hearts of a parent. A new App called Yuggler can make that process a whole lot easier and ease your mind when it comes to finding things for your family to do.”

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Epic Mommy Adventures says:

“Have you ever been on a trip with your children and didn’t know what was available around you to enjoy with them? Have you been going to the same places with your kids but interested in finding something new and different? Did you move to a new town and unsure of where to take your children for an outing? Then, Yuggler is perfect for you!”

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What Mommy Does says:

Yuggler takes word of mouth DIGITAL. Instead of hoping another mom happens to mention a fun kids activity to you, you can log on to Yuggler to see what ANY mom has recommended nearby.

And we all know how much moms like to share good news….when you’ve been somewhere awesome, you can tag that location in the Yuggler app, letting every parent in the nearby vicinity know about it when they open the app.”

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Pieces of a Mom says:

“Even today, 13 years after I first moved here, I am still discovering new places for my kids to enjoy. But this time, I am doing it with the help of Yuggler, a free iPhone app that allows parents to discover fun, new activities for kids.

Yuggler includes reviews, photos, and opinions about activities and local happenings from parents just like us. Yuggler allows you to research ideas, browse photos, and read tips from other parents, making it super easy and convenient to find just the type of outing you are looking for.

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Deliciously Savvy says:

” I have to say that this is an amazing app for your IPhone, IPad or IPod. You just simply Download Yuggler to your iPhone, iPad or iPod and you are set! Super simple and free! With this app you can find tons of family friendly things to do in your area. It is so easy….. if I can use it so can Anyone!  This is a great way for parents, teachers, and grandparents to find fabulous fun friendly activities for kids of every age!”

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First Time Mom & Losing It says:

“One of the best times I love using Yuggler is when we have extra time after doing some errands. I love shopping in areas outside of my neighborhood so when we get the extra time we explore the area with things my daughter can enjoy using the Yuggler App.

If you have kids or even want to find fun things for yourself to do check out the Yuggler App. As a parent it has really saved me time and at the same time letting my daughter experience things she probably wouldn’t have.”

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I Am Capturing the Moment says:

“Stop running around town looking for places to take your family to do activities together! Yuggler makes all the hassle go away with their unique app. You can jump on this awesome app on your phone and find local places to take your family for some great family time. Not only does it have the location, times they are open and what seasons they are open they also have the age range allowed to attend. So get rid of the fuss and hassle of trying to find a place to take your family to have fun and learn together, download the Yuggler app today and start interacting with you family out in public!”

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