What’s new in version 1.4.0? – Push Notifications, Low battery consumption and location based discovery while you use the App

Discovering kids activities just got a lot faster and easier. This is by all means the best, fastest, highest performing, most protected, and most user-friendly version yet!

The largest mobile source for kids activities has never been better!

Besides fixing many known issues and adding numerous improvements, the highlights of this new version are:

  • Fresher look & feel – the entire user interface has been redesigned for faster activity discovery
  • Battery usage has been reduced tremendously to ensure you can enjoy Yuggler all day long
  • Your current location is now only retrieved when you need it and request it – We won’t know your current location, unless you specifically submit it
  • Never miss the action: Stay up to date with relevant push notifications according to your area of interest (including range), gender, activity type, and age
  • With this version, you can specifically choose the kids activities you would like to be notified about and avoid large volumes of irrelevant notifications
  • A rebuilt map rendering makes finding kids activities near you even more efficient
  • Optimized Yuggler for iOS 8 and iPhone 6 & 6 Plus
  • And Much More!

How can I activate these features? There is not much to do at all. Once you’ve updated to this newest version of Yuggler, just go to the More menu and update your settings for Notifications, set the default location in your Profile and link your account to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest for the best possible experience.

Also, visit the iOS Settings App on your iPhone/iPad to activate notification services and location services in case these have been turned off for Yuggler in the past. Happy Yuggling!