What’s new in version 2.2.0? – Time-based search and limitless sharing of family fun

It’s finally here: Time-based search and filtering. Users can now set criteria such as “Today”, “Tomorrow”, “This Weekend”, “This Week”, “Next Weekend”, or any other period in time, like a special holiday. This allows parents, grandparents, and caregivers to narrow their search even further and save more time in their hunt for the best and freshest kids activities nearby.

Once you find awesome activities, we have made it even easier to talk with friends and family about them via our all new sharing functionality. You can now send an activity via the messaging App of your choice (including WhatsApp, Messages, Skype or Facebook Messenger) to friends, organizing your next get-together or chatting about the activity. You can also compile a list of notes in your Notes App for the next big weekend trip or vacation. And so much more!

These are amazing new features that provide users with endless new capabilities to collaborate on family fun. We almost called this Version 3 – It’s that big! But we have something in the making that will completely revolutionize the way parents discover the best kids activities near their current location or near their future trip or vacation destination. So stay tuned!